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Shinning Alloy, Your Reliable Partner for Heat Treatment Fixtures and Heat Treatment Furnace Parts

Industries We Serve

Heat Treatment Industry

Shinning Alloy has an extensive experience in the Heat Treatment Industry. Products designed and manufactured for this industry:

Furnace Baskets

Furnace Trays

Furnace Charging Fixtures

Radiant Tubes

Furnace Rolls

Furnace Chains

Furnace Fan Blades

Pusher Heads

Rails and Rollers

Guide Rails and seats


Fastener, Sintering and Brazing Industries

Shinning Alloy designs and manufactures Furnace Parts used in Continuous Conveyor Belt Furnaces.

Products manufactured for this industry:

Wire Mesh Belts

Radiant Tubes

Furnace Rolls

Heat Recuperators


Drive Rolls

Cast-Link Belts

Steel Industry

Shinning Alloy designs and manufactures heat resistant steel parts by lost wax castings and centrifugal castings for this industry.

Sink Rolls

Radiant Tubes

Furnace Rolls

Walking Beam

Furnace Sliders

Sliding Rails