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U Radiant Tubes Shipment to Turkey

Heat Treatment Furnace Radiant Tubes U Type

Drive roller and cast link conveyor

China manufacturer for heat treatment furnace drive roller a

Managing the risk of cracking of heat treatment fixtures during quenching

IPSEN,Heat Treatment Basket-Modular Type, heat treatment fix

2023 Event

Shinning Alloy, Your Reliable Partner for Furnace Fixtures and Heat Treatment Furnace Spare Parts

Owning more than 1500 tooling and serving more than 600 customers around the world

Shinning alloy has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of heat-resistant steel parts for furnaces since 2005. We have focused on providing lighter products with longer life and more professional solutions for the furnace industry.
Our production includes several processes: Lost Wax Casting, Centrifugal Casting and Fabrication.

What do we do?

Shinning Alloy designs and manufactures Standard and Tailor-Made:

Heat Treatment Fixtures: Furnace Baskets, Furnace Trays, Furnace Grids, and Furnace Charging Fixtures

Heat Treatment Furnace Parts: Wire Mesh Belts, Radiant Tubes (with dia.60mm-980mm, min. wall thickness 5mm, length up to 5.5m), Furnace Rolls, and other Heat resistant steel castings.


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