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Radiant Tubes Material and Thickness

Radiant tubes are used in many types of heat treatment #furnaces, from carburizing furnaces to continuous annealing of steel strips.
Currently, tubes made of cast alloys produced by centrifugal casting dominate the market.
By choosing the right material and thickness, the service life of radiant tubes can be extended.
In centrifugal casting, the material composition of Ni, Cr, and C, which affects the service life, can be easily adjusted during the melting process, and the wall thickness can be easily changed during the molding process.

Based on the know-how in the heat treatment industry and innovation in centrifugal casting technology, Shinning Alloy experts can help end users choose the right material and thickness for their radiant tubes according to the tube temperature and carbon potential of the furnace atmosphere - we call it "tailor-made".

We are very proud to be able to help our customers reduce their total lifetime costs with our cost-effective solution.

Want to make your radiant tubes more cost-effective? Consult with our experts!