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Heat Treatment Fixture Design

We know that heat treatment #fixtures are very important for safe operation and that they are one of the main costs of heat treatment plants. That is why we have strived to make our fixtures stronger and lighter, with maximum load capacity and longer operating time.

Shinning Alloy has just completed a #carburizing treatment fixture. The fixtures were specially designed for a manufacturer of automotive parts and used in their #Ipsen multi-purpose furnace 1.5T
Dimensions: 1170x860mm
Material: 1.4849

It optimizes the loading capacity and reduces energy consumption during the carburizing treatment.

The fixtures have been tested and are guaranteed not to deform or crack during carburizing treatment.

Overall, we are proud to offer our customers a reliable and cost-effective #solution.

If you need a new design or an improvement to your existing design, our talented engineering group can help.